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Bernafon introduces the new Music Experience with inspiration in every note.

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Portable Charger Plus for Alpha miniRITE T R

The Charger Plus is a perfect accessory to further promote Bernafon Alpha hearing aids to your clients. Its power bank offers 3 full recharging cycles of two hearing aids. The Charger Plus makes Alpha hearing aids even more attractive to users with an active lifestyle.

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Bernafon Alpha - the industry's first hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™

Alpha 9|7|5 is available in the miniRITE T and rechargeable miniRITE T R styles and comes with Bernafon's most advanced technology to satisfy your clients‘ individual needs and preferences.

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Discover Bernafon's Hybrid Technology™

Like a hybrid car, Hybrid Technology™ joins two processing approaches into one hybrid system. Because two are better than one, it can act independently or in tandem to strike the right balance in countless listening situations.

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New in the Oasisnxt fitting software

Fine-tuning of Bernafon Alpha hearing aids becomes easier thanks to the new Fitting Assistant. In Remote Fitting, in-situ audiometry is now available too.

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Leox Super Power | Ultra Power

Leox is Bernafon's most powerful True Environment Processing™ hearing aid. It is suitable for your clients with severe to profound hearing losses. Leox boasts some of the industry’s highest gain and MPO. And it houses some of the most sophisticated technologies on the market today.

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    The latest Oasisnxt 2021.2 is available. Download it now.

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