Remote Fitting support for professionals

Getting help to conduct a successful Bernafon Remote Fitting session

Welcome to the Bernafon Remote Fitting support page where you will find helpful information about how to best get started with your first Remote Fitting session.

Bernafon Remote Fitting Administration Portal

To start using Remote Fitting, you must first register your business and your employees on the Bernafon Remote Fitting Administration Portal. Reach out to your local customer support to be invited to the Bernafon Remote Fitting Administration Portal.

Go to Administration Portal

See how Bernafon Remote Fitting works

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What do you need help with?

  • Before you get started

    Hearing care professional system requirements

    Client criteria

    Client system requirements

  • Start a session

    Sign into the Remote Fitting session

    Conduct a Remote Fitting session

    End a Remote Fitting session

  • Troubleshooting

    During the Remote Fitting session

    When the Remote Fitting session ends

Before you get started

Before getting started with your first Remote Fitting session, please check that the requirements below are met.

Start a session

Familiarise yourself with the following basic instructions. If Remote Fitting is not enabled in your Oasisnxt software, click on the gearwheel icon at the top of your screen to open Preferences. Select Remote Fitting and turn on Remote Fitting. The video icon will then be shown in the toolbar.

Troubleshooting - During the session

Troubleshooting - When a session ends

Download the Remote Fitting instructions and guides for a successful session:

> Bernafon Remote Fitting fitting guide for professionals

> Remote Fitting user preparation checklist

If you don't find the information you are looking for, reach out to your local contact person.

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